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5 Top Tips When Choosing a Mattress

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5 top tips when  looking for a better nights sleep – The Choosing a Mattress How to Guide!

1. Assessing For Comfort

Your past experience should guide you in the right direction when choosing a new mattress. Have an idea of what level of firmness or softness is right for you before walking in the shop. Remember to take your time and try the mattresses out properly in store.

2. Cost

It isn’t always the case the more you pay, the more comfortable the mattress.  A very expensive bed which is soft may be uncomfortable if you prefer a much more firmer bed. When purchasing a mattress you should find a mattress that suits your needs and is the best quality for your money.

3. Choosing a Mattress Size

A common mistake is buying a bed too small. The average size for a double bed is 4ft 6in, the Sleep Council suggest this is not enough room for two adults to have a comfortable nights sleep together. We recommend upgrading to the next size, a 5 foot mattress can make a massive difference and takes up very little extra space.

4. Ask Questions

Chances are your sales assistant has worked with beds a long enough to answer your questions in detail. A knowledgeable sales assistant will be able to help you make the right decision. if you feel that your sales assistant is unsure or not very helpful, shop elsewhere.

5. Bases matter

When buying a mattress for an old base keep in mind an old base can reduce the life of your new mattress, especially when buying for a divan set. A mattress is designed to work with the base and in some cases buying a mattress for an old base may void any manufacturer warranties.


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